General Rules and Billing Policies


Registration is done on a first come first served basis, as space is available. We cannot hold spots without completed registration.

Basic Information

  • Dress Code: Girls should wear leotards preferably and can wear gym shorts with the leotard if they choose.  They can also wear t-shirts or tank tops tucked into athletic shorts or pants.  Girls should wear a sports bra when a bra is needed.  Boys should wear t-shirts tucked into athletic shorts or pants.  No skirts, tutus, denim, or clothing with buttons or zippers.  Nothing should be baggy or loose as it becomes a safety issue.  No shoes will be worn, unless for a cheerleading class, in which case, clean cheerleading shoes should be worn (not generic running shoes).
  • Hair must be securely tied back and must be away from the face, including short hair and bangs.   Please use gel or clips if necessary.
  • No jewelry is to be worn with the exception of stud earrings.
  • Mobile phones should be set to silent or vibrate while in the gym and conversations should take place outside during classes as they can be a distraction.
  • No food, gum, or drinks are permitted in the gym, with the exception of water.  We do have water fountains available for the students during class time.
  • Language must be appropriate at all times.

When you arrive

  • Parents and children are to remain in the designated observation area until the instructor signals the beginning of class. Children are not to run around the observation area and must be supervised at all times in the building, including in the pro shop.  No equipment is to be utilized without the supervision of a coach.
  • Before class, students should put shoes/socks in a cubby and wait to be called down by a coach.  Please do not bring valuables or personal items as we will not be responsible for them if they are lost or damaged.
  • Please encourage a bathroom visit prior to class.  If a child does have to go to the bathroom during class and needs assistance, please join them by the bathroom and then be sure they return to their teacher.  A teacher cannot leave their class to assist a child in the bathroom or be held responsible for where the child goes once they go up to their parents.
  • Once a class has begun, parents and guests are welcome to observe class but must remain in the observation area.  Parents are not permitted on the floor without the permission of the coach. To view the preschool room area, closed-circuit television is provided.
  • If your child is 6 and under, you must stay in the building for the duration of the entire class.  If you have a child 7 and older and choose to wait outside during class, you must come back into the building to pick up your child.  We will not release students to the parking lot, under any circumstance, for safety reasons.  Please be prompt about picking up your student.

What to expect

  • Students are expected to treat instructors and fellow classmates with respect.  They will listen carefully and follow directions, as well as stay with their class.  They are expected to attempt all skills being taught.  Refusal to follow directions may result in a timeout or dismissal from class.
  • If a preschooler is having a difficult time being in class without a parent and feels the need to go back and forth to the observation area, they may be asked to move to a parent and tot class (Click here for our parent and tot handout) as it is distracting to the class.  If an older child is sent upstairs because of disciplinary action, they should not return to class without the coach’s permission.
  • Classes will be split up by the coaches as necessary for the best benefit of all students.  Classes are determined by ability, then age, within each level.  Sometimes height is considered if bars are an event and ages may be mixed if necessary.
  • Please allow the coach to instruct the class and your child.  There is a progressive curriculum in place and your instructions may conflict with the coach’s instruction, causing an unnecessary and possibly dangerous conflict for your child.  If at any time, you have questions about your child’s progress or class, please ask the front desk when you may speak with the instructor or manager.  They are not available to talk during class but will make time to address your concerns.
  • Expect repetition of skills from week to week as gymnastics is a progression-based sport.  Students should not be expected to level up on a specific timeline, as it depends entirely on each individual athlete’s capabilities.  The range of skills required at each level is very broad and takes time to master.  Regular attendance is your first step towards progression.  Missing classes can cause backtracking, as can switching classes frequently.  Consistency is your best bet to ensure success.
  • Lastly, please encourage your child in their efforts.  If gymnastics wasn’t extremely difficult, we would all be Olympic medalists.  =)


Our regular school year is a 10-month schedule, broken up into 10 sessions of 4 weeks each (not calendar months).  Should you want to withdraw from the program, you must submit a withdrawal form at least 2 weeks prior to the next billing session.  If you submit your form with less than 2 weeks until the next billing date, you will be charged for that next session, regardless of whether or not the student attends.  We do pro-rate at the time of registration if classes have been missed prior to signing up, but that is the only time we will pro-rate.  The only exceptions will be military orders and injury/illness with a doctor’s note.  In order to participate in the Sports Festival, Session 10 must be paid for in its entirety.  We will not pro-rate Session 10 for a student to attend only for the Sports Festival.  No exceptions to the pro-rating rule will be permitted.

School Closures

Our Billing Calendar will indicate the dates we are closed for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays.  We are open for all other holidays and school closures.  We will not have Kids’ Day Out, Kids’ Night Out, or birthday parties on the dates we are closed.


Tuition will be drafted on the last day of every month for the next session.  $35.00 will be added for each declined withdrawal or charge.  If a payment has been declined and corrective action is not taken, we reserve the right to release the spot to another child.  We do not send out receipts of payment so you are encouraged to check your statements monthly.


Attendance in class is the first step to progress in gymnastics.  We hope that our students make every effort to attend all classes regularly.  However, if something comes up that prevents attendance, we do not refund for missed classes, nor do we have space for make-up opportunities.  You can, however, request a discounted pass for a Kids’ Day Out or Kids’ Night Out event (whichever is appropriate for the student’s age).  We will allow for only one pass per session and they must be utilized within 60 days of the date issued.


We ask that you do not bring your child to class if you suspect that they may be contagious or if they are not feeling well.  Sometimes flipping doesn’t help an already sick child.  Please inform coaches of any injuries prior to class so they may modify the curriculum appropriately.  Cover all open wounds or skin rashes even if you aren't sure if they are contagious.  Any signs of uncovered cuts, lesions, or rashes will result in removal from class until they are covered properly.

Vacations/Leaves of Absence

Due to limited spaces in classes, we do not hold spaces for students who wish to take a break or a leave of absence without pay for the session.  If you choose to withdraw and want to return at a later date, you may join any age/level appropriate class where there is space. Please give at least 2 weeks' notice to withdraw and stop payment. Not attending is not grounds for a refund, as that space could have been made available to another student.