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Destin Classes

Destin Classes


These classes are for girls who are Kindergarten age or older. Curriculum is specifically designed to follow USA Gymnastics guidelines and progressions. These guidelines encourage and promote strength and flexibility while incorporating new progressive skills upon completion of a specific level.



Cheernastics classes offer tumbling, stunting and cheer jumps in a non-competitive environment



These classes are for kids Kindergarten-4th Grade. Children work on strength, agility, balance, and coordination as they learn to navigate an obstacle course. There is a lot of jumping, flipping, climbing, and swinging.


Tumbling skills are used in many different sports. The most obvious are gymnastics and cheerleading, but skills in tumbling can also assist athletes in diving, trampolining, and dancing. Tumbling combines strength, power, agility, and coordination, that when performed properly, results in an exciting and dynamic sport.

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Looking for private lessons?

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If there is a particular skill your child wants to work on or an upcoming tryout approaching, you can schedule a 1-on-1 private lesson with one of our coaches. Each coach sets their own pricing and schedule so we would put them in contact with you for the details. Most coaches recommend starting with 30 mins per session.